Technology of my country

In September of 2000, the Colombian police investigated a narcotrafic group who wanted to build in Bogota (2600m altitude) a submarine which will be able to contain about two hundred tons of drug to be sold in other countries. Policemen discovered a hangar in the suburbs of the city with a machine divided in three parts, to be assembled in the port of Buenaventura, in the Colombian Pacific coast. Nobody was arrested. There were no “material” or “intellectual” suspects.

After the seizing, the Colombian police asked the American, the Russian and the French embassies to help them with the enquiries, because there had been some traces of an international “contribution” in this crime. The submarine had the appearance of being manufactured abroad, so much so that the russian officer has often repeated seeing the submarine: "this is the technology of my country".

The image of a submarine built in Bogota is ironic, and shows how social, cultural and technological appropriation can take unexpected detours. This delirious machine, found in the middle of nowhere in a mountain, seems like a local Fitzcarraldo, inside the heart of a police quest.

(fragments comming from the text by Carmen María Jaramillo)