Mutations of matter
Original version en concert
Installation version also avaliable
Music : Roque Rivas
Video vertical 4 :3 on two separated screens
14’ colour

Produced by Le Fresnoy Studio national des arts contemporain, and IRCAM – Centre Pompidou. Sponsorized by Fondation Lagardère.

Through the study of Rem Koolhaas’s and other architectural theoretician’s texts, as well as other records, and after having made referential researches in music and files, a musician and an artist have been able to develop a shape shifting play.
Their complementary contributions, in words of media and personal universes, enabled to elaborate an audiovisual performance which mingles electro-acoustic music, video, architecture and voice. These items rebuild the mixing, the coincidence, the variety and the accumulation one can find in New York City. The spectator wanders through a city – already imaginary – thanks to a ringing spatialization, a witness to depth and travelling, as well as a visual editing upon two screens where verticality asserts itself and, from time to time, anamorphosis oppose itself.