My work is about foreignness: being abroad, being out of the disciplines borders, being peripheral. I’m inspired often by the meanings of traveling: travel as evasion and/or escape, travel to meet and to reach other cultures -at the same time the subconscious refuses the own one-. Finally, being foreigner to stay being an OTHER. This condition allows me to hybridize histories, languages, landscapes, architectures, cultures, as well as techniques, arts and crafts. I use journeys to un-define myself, to loose my words in other languages, to be in a perpetual motion, to get lost as Robert Smithson says in his writings.
Drawing and video take a usual place in my projects, even though my flat work tends to the three-dimensionality. Usually in installation –and lately in performance-, sculpture proposes itself as articulations between the objects and the space. It could be done by a co-existence relationship or by a reactivation process in the architecture.