Good french badly spoken
16 mm > digital betacam
4 :3 N/B (B/W) stéréo
11 min 56 sec

Produced by : Le Fresnoy Studio national des arts contemporains

Three texts written by French language students make a triptych, which seems like a self-learning method. Showing three experiences about living in France, being a non-French citizen, and a non French-speaker. A man from Kosovo talks about his interpretations of the information panels at Lourdes. A Malian tells about an African themed night out in France, where his wife – a French woman- played traditional African drums and danced to African rhythms; finally, a Ghanaian woman sings her adventures going to the south of France when she got the country. These experiences talk about confusion, incomprehension, translation and correction, not only in grammar or phonetics but also in cultural and human relations.